We at Seafood Merchants pride ourselves on our ever-changing selection of fresh oysters. Oysters ship live, so care must be taken when storing them. Although 90% of the oyster varieties available in the US are one of two species, oysters grown in various regions can display nuances of flavor particular to the beach, bay, inlet or river where they are grown.

Generally, oysters grown on the West coast are the species Crassostrea gigas. West coast oysters are typically larger than East coast varieties and blend saltiness with a melon or cucumber finish. Meats are typically full and plump. A noted exception would be the Kumamoto, which is the Japanese species Crassostrea sikamea. Kumamotos are small, deeply cupped and have a creamy texture.

Most oysters grown on the East coast are the species Crassostrea virginica. These oysters are often smaller in size and feature a saltier, more mineral flavor and meats with more ‘crunch’. The exception that proves the rule on the East coast would be the European transplant, the belon (Ostrea edulis). Belons are large and round with a unique and somewhat nutty flavor.

Our oyster selection changes daily, so we encourage you to call for our latest arrivals.

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